Purtier Placenta “Healing Crisis”

Source: http://www.handsonclinic.co.uk/lurgy/

If you have come to this post, chances are you may have received news from the Gulf region where health advisory has been issued for Purtier Placenta. In the Gulf Region, a health advisory has been issued to advise consumers to avoid purchasing Purtier Placenta, and claimed lab test has found “Endo-Toxin” in Purtier Placenta. […]

What can Purtier Live Cell Therapy do?

Purtier is not a product that had been widely advertised because it’s a product that’s referred by mouth. You too, could have came across easystemcell.com simply because you have done a search on Purtier, or you could have heard about Purtier from a friend or relative who have seen amazing results from consuming Purtier. Naturally, […]

Stem Cells and Live Cells? What is the difference?

We often hear products which provides Stem Cell Therapy, and call it Live Cell Therapy interchangeably without explaining the differences. The method of these therapies are similar, where cells are extracted from external bodies and injected into a human recipient, to provide healing effect and restore the function of a diseased or damage organ. The […]