Different Types of Stem Cell Treatments

Cell Therapy it self is practiced everyday in many different forms all around the world. A simple example of cell therapy will be blood transfusion as well as transfusion of various other blood components like red blood cells and white blood cells.

No one have yet figure out how cell therapy works. The process, however, is the transplant of an organ into a human body, but instead of an entire organ, only the cells of an organ are being transplanted. These cells when introduced into the body, then stimulates the body and brings about the revitalization of their corresponding organs.

The most famous modern cell therapy was discovered by Dr. Paul Niehans, who eventually founded Clinique la prairie. You may read more about his story here.

So what are the different types of stem cell treatments that are better known and we have access to?

  • Cell Therapy clinics in Switzerland
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Oral Cell Therapy e.g. Purtier Placenta Live Cell Therapy

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