Is Purtier Deer Placenta therapy a scam?

The most controversial question of all times, asked by consumers who have come across Purtier product while travelling the globe looking for solutions to their existing aliments – Is PURTIER Deer Placenta a scam?

Before the question can be answered, it has to be clarified that Deer Placenta, and Deer Placenta Live Cell Therapy are totally different things.

Typical Deer Placenta Products

Deer Placenta Powder
Deer Placenta Powder

Deer placenta products have existed for many years, especially in Chinese medical halls or your nearby supplement store.

They are usually in a powdered form that you can mix into water and consumed.

The picture on the left shows how Deer Placenta powder looks like. Chinese believe that Deer Placenta can improve and nourish their health for centuries. It is rich in amino acids, Vitamin E and B series and various minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, etc.

Drying of Deer Placenta
Drying of Deer Placenta

So how is this created? Deer Placenta Powder is produced by grinding of dried or cooked dried placenta.

There are many traditional deer farms in the world that exist for the sole purpose of extracting the deer placenta for medical purpose.

The picture on the right shows how deer placentas are normally dried on a sunny day. Once the moisture has been removed, and the deer placenta is fully hydrated, it will be ground down to powder form and ready to be bottled and sold.

Does Deer Placenta Powder have any healing effects?

Our body needs different nutrients every day, and we get all of it from our 3 meals a day in the form of vegetable, meat, and fruits. Different meat provides different kind of nutrients, so does vegetables and fruits. A dried piece of Deer Placenta, grind into powdery substance is no different from the daily meat you consumed, if not less worthy.

What is Purtier Placenta Live Cell Therapy?

Purtier Live Cell Therapy was introduced in 2007. At time of writing, it’s at it’s 5th Generation and contains Live Cells obtained from Deer Placenta combined with 9 other specially chosen ingredients.

Using Live Cells extracted from Deer Placenta, the cells are then freeze-dried and stored in nitrogen capsules. These capsules are biologically active capsules and need to be carefully stored below 25 degrees Celsius away from direct sunlight. Live cell therapy itself is like organ transplant, with the ability to make your cells younger.

The renewal of cells, stimulate your body’s auto-healing capability, reverses aging, and boost your immune system. People with different ailments will also see improvements with their condition. You can drop us an enquiry below to see how Live Cell Therapy can help you with your condition and whether there were already success stories from our past consumers.

This is a infographic showing the technology and ingredients used in creating Purtier Live Cell Therapy.

Purtier Placenta Live Cell Therapy Infographics
Purtier Placenta Live Cell Therapy Infographics

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