Stem Cells and Live Cells? What is the difference?

We often hear products which provides Stem Cell Therapy, and call it Live Cell Therapy interchangeably without explaining the differences.

The method of these therapies are similar, where cells are extracted from external bodies and injected into a human recipient, to provide healing effect and restore the function of a diseased or damage organ.

The main difference between Live Cells and Stem Cells are the source of the cells;

  • Live Cells are extracted from ANIMAL cells.
  • Stem Cells uses HUMAN cells provided by a donor or HUMAN embryo.

The difference may be subtle but for most cases, we will more often than not, see the use of Live Cells more than Stem Cells due to the ethical and social consequences behind using cells from human. You can read more on it in our article about why are stem cells not used.

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