Where to buy Purtier Placenta Live Cell Therapy?

It is utmost important where you get your PURTIER Placenta from due to the nature of Live Cell Therapy, and the fact that the orally consumable capsule needs to be Biologically Active for your Live Cell Therapy to be effective.

Hence, it is essential to know the condition of the product being stored or transported before it reaches you which includes;

  • Storing at below 25 degree Celsius
  • Kept away from the sun
  • Kept away from direct heat
  • Long expiry date

Disadvantages of purchasing online

  • You have no information how the product is being stored or transported prior sending to you.
  • Some online merchants do not use air freight due to cost. Normal shipping may cause PURTIER Placenta to lose its effectiveness
  • You are prone to fake PURTIER products which are widely spread in the online marketplace e.g. Ebay

Where should I purchase PURTIER Placenta Live Cell Therapy?

By connecting yourself directly to the original source of PURTIER Placenta, you will be able to ensure that your product is fresh from the warehouse with the longest expiry date, properly stored in optimum condition, and freight to you in the correct manner.

Should you wish to authentic PURTIER Placenta, you should write an email to info@purtierworld.com or send us an enquiry below. We will provide you with the contacts to purchase from PURTIER’s authorized distributor from Singapore.

What if I still want to purchase online?

The only verified source online where we know it’s safe to purchase PURTIER Placenta is via https://www.purtierworld.com, the only Purtier Store where you can shop safely.

  • They ship out next day via airfreight and reach you in 5-6 working days. (You can opt for 2-3 business days express service)
  • They are shipped out directly from Singapore Headquarters where PURTIER is originally distributed.
  • They provide after sales service to ensure you are doing your Live Cell Therapy correctly.
  • They provide discounts on subsequent purchase.
  • Its easy and safe!

Live Cell Therapy is an effective and holistic method to reverse aging, and revitalise your aging body. You should check out our articles on Live Cell Therapy to understand more.


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